Chop Til You Drop!

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When’s the last time you and your BFF’s went to a “bar” with strange men and silliness, or even to a shower or bachelorette party with the (ahem) games, gifts, and gags and had an UNFORGETTABLY good time?  How ’bout staying home (or even coming to my place) and stirring up your own recipes for fun and all the right ingredients.

I’ll put together a private cooking class just for you and the gals (or even the guys and a Bachelor party sounds fun to me)or couples for a date night.  Roll up your sleeves and let everyone join in the fun.  You know you want to learn to cook something!!  We can do this!

Any party can be as individual as it’s guests (or guest of honor).  We can demonstrate or tie one on (an apron that is).  In addition to leaving with a satiated appetite, you and your guests get copies of the menu and all recipes.  All for between $30 and $50 a person.  We can be serious or frivolous….you choose. 

Create your own club now.  Food, Fun, Friends.  Without the games….unless you count the occasional food fight.

Call 206-226-8230 to book yours now.

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