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The second (maybe the first depending on who it is) most important moment (assuming the wedding will be the really big  shoo) in your child’s  life is coming right up.  Graduation season is upon us.  It can be exciting…but it can be expensive too.  Like any big party you have to plan a BUDGET.  Especially in this economy.  They’ve been dreaming of this day their entire lives and NOW the economy has to go KERPLUNK!  Didn’t the economic forces realize your kid was about to graduate?  You want to be economically savvy, but they want a fantastic party to reward them for all their hard work (ahem….forget about yours just for getting them to this point).  Ready, Set…Plan!

The most common option is to host the party at your home.  Most affordable too.  As a Chef/Caterer, we have dropped off food on platters, we have covered the whole shebang and done the food and service (saves Mom a big headache after) or we have just played Rent A Mom and assisted with the service end while the family brought pot luck.  Anything works as long as it’s in your budget and serves the honor of the intended graduate.

Some simple ideas that fit the bill include a simple BBQ,  Sunday Brunches are swell because they’re earlier in the day and you still have time for clean up and yourself,  or a family style supper.  We’ve seen graduations with entertainment and bands or just ipods and a docking station.  Really, it just depends on the location of the party.

Who’s invited is another thing.  Graduations can range from close family get-togethers (the supper idea) to larger neighborhood affairs.  Get a list going early so that you have all the information to make the rest of your party decisions and stay on track.  If you require the assistance of a caterer, by all means book them early.  You can always change your numbers.

Planning for food is a bit tricky but there are some rules of thumb.  First, all the invitees are not going to be staying for the whole party (some have many parties to attend on the same day…,this falls true with the younger set) so you need not count them as full numbers for eating purposes.  Children barely pick at most things, so again, reduce your numbers there accordingly or ask your caterer (hopefully ME) what they can do for the kids or to reduce the price.  The last thing anybody wants is alot of leftovers that didn’t get eaten but that you paid for.

Sure fire foods include things like Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork,  Burgers, Ribs, Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Pastas of all sorts and American regional favorites.  There are usually a few vegetarians at any event these days so plan accordingly.

And last but certainly not least….don’t forget the beverages!  Make sure you think of all the mixers, h20, soft drinks, ice, glassware, tubs and anything else in the beverage realm.  I have had clients insist on doing their own “bar” and then forget the  mixers or condiments or ice. 

Sit back, enjoy and remember…they’ll be leaving home soon! (and you’ll miss them of course).

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